Sonntag, 13. März 2016

Fake Marriage - on my way to you

my dear, i passed many places
none was better than the other
all you wanted was written in the stars
that was sure for me when i walked through the empty park
all was you
every little thing remains me on your presence
only one time i forgot
somehow it became not so important
somehow not exciting
the reason i did not remember was because people told me to be ashamed of things
i put my memories like unwritten lines into foreign pocket
sell it for nothing
somebody else is glad or sad
we had a good time, maybe
i am not proud of what happened
some situations make me feel like sorry or pitty or bad
sometimes my body feels like trash
i could put my legs and breast into trash can
i could lay on the flor and bleed for nothing
that is my body
my soul will survive this exercises
it is a flower blossoming
my soul will stay unreadable for you, college
pitty, but my heart doesn't break so often any more
i'm cold
she is cold as ice or stone
proud of being beautiful and young but old enough to know how it feels to be broken
how to love

let me die in peace

that was her last word
he took her by the hand and carried her bag
she was glad
they took a sit on the grass in the park near sea

you are the only one

she said

let's fall in love again and again

so he took her by the hand and they went into water
they took bath
then he said

you may feel sad, but I don't love you

indeed, she got sad

he left her there for a while and she felt naked
cold and colder till she turned into stone
wind and water crushed her into sand
she turned into dust and integrate with air
people breath her and felt this terrible sadness
this women was always sentenced to be loved and hated on the same level
alone and lonely
just for wondering

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