Freitag, 26. Juni 2015

Crossing borders

Playing Xanthype, the wife of Socrates during the "Schierlingsnight" 18.06.2015 

I want to believe, that love never past. So I feel. If I declare it once, it is truth and no disputable. It is natural thing, probably.
So I sit here and try to remember the scent of real nearness, because it's summertime and the air is full. We seem to relief our selves by wearing less or more. One smile can be enough or too much for some reasons. Here is my poetry for Friday morning. Carry your cross. Carry on.



everything stayed like you left it
no changes without touching
god sent the touch
seduction was invented by christ
pretty sure about that

sure i still love you
and it charms my soul
no addiction is making me more sick
than the one to your lips


nothing i desire more
than sleep on your arm
hang like on
a cross
across the street
station on christ crossway
number eight
jesus comforts the weeping women

don't cry for me

the truth is i never left you my dear

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