Donnerstag, 23. April 2015

I don't love you

Hamburg 24.03.2015

I don't love you

I remember when we sat together
in the sandcastle
settled down in a little town
in the land of people who are
not able to talk
in my language
they knew exactly how to kill
exactly love and pain

the golden rain was falling
from heaven
pennies from all over there
I was the princess
on earth
woman you said
you said I'm a big girl
and went away
fuck you
terrible city
I said
20 Euro I paid to this Russian
taxi driver
the bill stayed in my wallet
souvenir jak z koziej dupy trąbka
damit kann ich mir nen arsch abwischen!
dafür gibt es weiche sachen

I'm still standing
I stayed
the empty house was very cold
I was told
you never come

you are my favorite one on Earth

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